Monday, June 28, 2010

The Dooodolls

Heard them before??
totally cute dolls.

Here's a short introduction about them: (please forgive me for just copy and paste.. :P)
It all started, of course, from his love of character doodling; a passion so great that he wanted to bring his creations to live, and to share them with friends and loved ones.
Those hand made key chains transform from his sketch books were a big hit with Chen’s friends and family. Everyone loved it and wanted more—in different colours, different materials, different sizes. The demands were overwhelming, yet encouraging, and it prompted Chen to seriously consider transforming his favourite hobby into a full-fledged as a business.
Transform it did, Dooodolls® has a team of marketing, sales & distributions, creative and operations to keep the company running smoothly as Chen takes the helm of Creative Director.

All Dooodolls® characters are inspired one way or another by the people around him.
“Every Dooodolls® is created with a special talent, and this inherently highlights the unique personalities of people that I personally know and love,” says Chen.
Never one to rest on his laurels, Chen is a man who believes in expanding one’s mind and creativity… anywhere, everywhere. And his vision for Dooodolls® is long term—with lots of lifestyle products using the colourful and quirky Dooodolls® characters and designs.
With more than 30 different characters design and more to be introduce by 2011, each Dooodolls® is uniquely named and boasts an even more unique characteristic. They do, nonetheless, share a few common traits—they are all adorable and friendly, but ever so slightly naughty and mischievous. Just don’t take them too seriously!
Today, Dooodolls® is a brand, where their quirky characters are licensed for different products and purposes - from notebooks, and stationary, to electronic accessories to interactive online and mobile content. Moving forward in the near term, the Dooodolls® team aims to launch figurines, animation series and its very own fashion line to accommodate the demand from loyal fans!

Back to the topic..

Before this, i had seen one of the dooodolls at Mean Mean's room. That time, I only thought it is an ordinary doll. And me and Zhmm always laugh at it, because of its weird-positioned-肚脐。Take a look at it and u will know. Haha..

This is it! Don't you think the 肚脐look more like its *tut*? Haha!!

Then, today, I get to see more of them. Very coincidentally. Was lingering around with sis when we saw them, tucked in a shop at the corner. They surprise me! They are indeed not ordinary dolls as i thought before! They have a label > Dooodolls!!

At the first sight, you may think that :"Why the hell is all these dolls look so damn weird??!!"
Hey~~These looks are their signature ya!! Try think. If not of their outstanding looks, will you notice them? Will they run wild in your mind, like they do in mine after I have seen them? haha..

Out of curiousity, I try searching them online, and guess what? They have their own website and there are a lot to be discover. The dolls we saw this afternoon is just a very small part of their BIG family!! So impressed!!

And, guys, some of them represent horoscope! This is mine > Mr Nerdie (and it doesn't mean it is nerdy ya!! haha..)

Cute right?

the description! *like*

Well, words cant describe everything. (Especially when words are used by me. >.<) So, for more information, please do give their website a visit! I am sure you will fall in love with them immediately, like I do!! haha.. Happy visiting!! Dooodolls official website : Dooodolls Blog : some pictures to share..

and some video clips..

Super cute rite??!! Am going to get 1 for myself soon!! haha!!
MR NERDIE~~ wait for me!!!!!!!!