Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Quack Quack~

Located at SS2, the end of the shoplots where Chow Yang night market (better known as thursday SS2 night market) is.
Name of restaurant - Restaurant OK! hmm.... the tauke should be very optimistic. lol!
Name of stall - Fatty Duck.

Read about this place a lot, since i start browsing food blogs.
Pretty high compliments from various food bloggers.
Always want to try it out, but there are always obstacles.
Well, take the chance to pop up there for dinner, since the college cafeteria does not offer food for us.

Dinner served!

Don't they look appetizing? :DD

Mix of duck internal organs. Chewy stomach, smooth liver. Great sauce!

Braised duck egg! and silky smooth tofu!

Some sourish stewed vegetables to balance up the meal.
(and this taste much better than NamHeong's.)

porridge for me~
you can opted for rice too.

Glad that is tried this out. Descent meal!
Well, I didn't try the duck meat, because don't feel carnivorous today. Haha.. But I heard the meat is extremely tender. Maybe next time.
I like the sauce too. so well balanced!
A place that I will definitely return for more!! Who wanna join?

PipitZakka Store changed their appearance.
Slimed down black creature, eh?