Monday, October 31, 2011

Out of reason,
this is what i intend to ask many many many people.

People in Lot2269, CSG, RR, Miri,
Hows there?
1 done study, 1 done major exam,
1 just back from China, 1 keep on cooking.
Looking forward to see you all.
Another month! And I will struggle on till then.

People in UT A806,
How are you guys?
Damn miss you all.
Intend to visit, but, yea, circumstances.

3 Flowers,
seems like you all are enjoying the final year.
Oh, yea,
Stay Sweet! ^^
恭喜你们实现我们1st year无厘头的愿望,

My forever 'same name WC' sista,
glad for your change.
Turning lady~
Nice nice, pretty pretty, leng leng a~
And, yea, congratz for the best you have achieved!
I know you just have the ability!

People in Taman Tunku, Miri,
Done your final, dear~
So what's your next plan?
Hows life? and how's your Him?
Hope everything fine there~
Do come here for a visit!

People in the college nearby,
Hows there?
Intend to ask you all for a hang out,
but, yea, again, circumstances.

People far away,
Congratz for the good news.

People nearby,
Forever busy, eh?
Glad that you make the best out of the worst.