Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I am back! haha... seems like it has been ages since i really sit down and write a proper blog.(please ignore all the complaining/nagging-blogs. human do need to express sometimes. >.<)

now, what prompts me to write a foodblog? hmm.. i also don't know why. just have that instinct suddenly. haha..

moving on.....

visited Petaling Street last weekend, after my cheongsam-shopping @ Central market. our main intention, in search of food, of course. after strolling around for a while, we totally do not have any idea on what to eat. recall, recall, recall...... *tink* aha!! "zhmm, want to eat beef noodle?" "har... don't want. i don't want to have beef today." "oh, ok." hmm.... keep recalling.. "eh, can also la. haha.." @@ typical her! the next minute, we seated ourselves comfortably in the small little shop, with the smell of beef lingering around. kinda 'yew~~' for me.

SHIN KEE BEEF NOODLE SPECIALIST - name of the shop. heard a lot of good comments from food bloggers. never tried before, as beef is a no-no for me. since zhmm is quite an 'expert' in beef, why dont take the opportunity to let her have a taste of it and see hows her opinion on it. she ordered a very small bowl of mee-meehoon beef noodle, with a few slices of reddish beef slice (>.<) and a few balls of beefballs bobbing around in the beef soup. her first sip, "hmm.." second sip, "eh, not bad le." "eh, nice le.." oh, seems not bad ya. good then. didn't remember to take any photo of it, and can't give any comments. well, from zhmm's expression and comments, that small bowl of noodle should be tasty. a bowl with all the good stuff only cost RM6. so those who take beef, why don't give it a try? the shop is just by the roadside. easy to locate. air-conditioned. but if you don't like to eat in a crowd, avoid lunch hour as this is when the customers flow in and packed the shop. they do have a small stall in Petaling Street, operated by the founder himself, with his wife. but please keep in mind that this stall is only open in the evening.

the old building

the little petite shop

this is how zhmm bowl of beef noodle look like, except the beef tripe

i am craving for ABC since a few days ago. this craving get so bad that day due to the warm weather, i reckoned. i remembered reading up somewhere about a small street hidden at Petaling Street, famous for its ABC and laksa. has always wanted to visit it, but had search high and low for two times, it just cant be located. oh well, it is really a mysterious street, isnt? LOL.. told zhmm about my craving and the street, and to my surprise, she asked me to search for it that day again. wow!! determined, we start our searching. turn in and out a few small street, breathing in awful, fishy smell, and also porky smell, making zhmm nearly vomitted, FINALLY, "eh, zhmm, it is there!" "where?" "there! come on come on!!" owh......... finally finally finally, I found the street - Jalan Sayur. it is hidden behind the wet market at Petaling Street. selling a wide range of local food, from yong tao fu to asam laksa to curry mee to ABC. you name it, you get it. 1st time, we don't have the difficulties to decide on our food. "2 bowl asam laksa, pls." hehe... quickly find us a table. before i have the chance to sit down , the aunty that sell asam laksa called me. "you all want to have drink is it?" "erm, in fact no. we want ABC." "then, you all go sit at the table at the ABC stall there." @@ that is when i remembered, oh ya! the hawker that sells drinks here have some kind of "undercover-fight". you can't sit at their tables, unless you ordered drinks from them. oh well, better remember this at my next visit. with a piece of sardine fish on top (which zhmm found quite disgusting. lol), our bowl of laksa looks appealing. the taste, not bad. just don't compare it to original peneng asamlaksa. haha.. however, the bowl of ABC we ordered is quite small. and the ingredients are scanty. but it do relieve my craving.

our bowl of laksa (zhmm, see the sardine?)

can it be larger in size? haha..

TADA!!!!! our ABC model~~

satisfied, we move to our next station. Pavillion. intend to watch a movie - Black Swan. quite a nice movie. with bits of scary parts. visited Chattime again.
macha red bean for zhmm,

passion fruits for me.

nice! especially the pearl. adore them!!

let's chat and chat @ Chattime~

a tasty drink is just bland without a mate! muaks!

trying hard to get out the red bean..

lingering around until dinner time. with the pearl still undigested in our stomach, we try to search for light hawker food. walk a big round from pavillion to starhill gallery to jalan imbi, finally decided to head for Jalan Alor. shared a plate of char kueh kak and clam with zhmm. the char kueh kak is just not nice. the radish cake is too soft. but the clam is good!! although a bit bloody.. haha.. saw a thai stall there. ordered the papaya salad. it is always my favourite. it is quite pricey for a plate of raw papaya though. again, i only remember about taking photos after everything is demolished. >.<

well, that ends our day. reach our beloved room after more than 10 hours of outing. we really can be awarded the most 'playful' and 'brave' girls among our classmates. y? because exam and presentation and assignment are coming up the next weeks. BUT, WHO CARES? this is uni life, after all!! ^^