Friday, July 9, 2010

puzzled by puzzle

online 玩拼图,突然有冲动去买个回来。。




The Wing of Light!!

1000 pieces!! but looks little right..

1st.. make the base.. white paper is nice, because you can see the patterns easily..

Then, pick out all the pieces for the sides..

complete the side..

group the pieces with similar colour..

on the way~~

stil on d way~~

finally~~ completed!!

after 3 nights!!

and Dad say he will frame it for me!!
Double WOOHOO~~
the birds will be waiting for me the next time I go back home. *wink*

P/S Just know that one of my former student passed away. Due to sickness, from her friends FB. I don't know what happen actually. But, damn, I am sad. 人生真的很无常!Haiz.. May she RIP and may God Bless her.. Belinda Ho, be happy there...