Sunday, April 15, 2012

ramen with buddy

Ikuzo Ramen - a new ramen outlet at SS2.

very reasonable price, with the highest price at RM10.90. well, it is really a steal, since the ramen out there now cost more than this.

cheap ramen, does not always equal to 'cheap' taste. for me, all the ramen we sampled taste great. the broth of all ramen taste rich. (of course, when it come to taste, the issue is very subjective. :) ) and they do not skimmed on the ingredients used too.

my ramen choice - combination of seafood and vegetables

seafood ramen

tonkatsu ramen

black sesame broth ramen - indescribable taste. wont be in my list anyway. :P

and what is special here is, you get to choose your own ramen type.
4 choices - thin original, spicy thin, thick original, spicy thick.
i tried the spicy thick, and i wonder what their spicy means. get what i meant? ^_*
anyway, i like the thick ramen texture. similar like panmee, but made of different wheat.

this place also offered a number of finger food, such as gyoza, braised egg, kimuchi, nori......... their prices are of course, reasonable! range from RM1-RM3.50. where else can you find this? haha..

kimuchi & braised eggs. taste great. will be perfect if only the yolk of braised egg is runny.

we ordered gyoza too (too indulged in the ramen thus no photo :P). not much comment, because i am not really fond of that food all the while. but good comment from other diners.

overall, a great hangout place, with minimal damage. will definitely come back for more! :)

more info, you may visit Ikuzo Ramen FB page :

Another purpose of the day - Mei Lee Belated Birthday Celebration

Little Buddy, Happy Belated 21st Birthday~ May all your wish come true, and All the Best in everything. Stay sweet stay pretty stay happy. :)