Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the night before taking off

My heart feels heavy,
my hands feel so too,
even my feet agree.

the food lying there waiting to be packed,
the luggage sitting there waiting to be filled,
but there is no one helping them.

songs floating,
fingers moving,
eyes locked on screen,
body stuck on the chair,
the head just refuse to hit the sack.

oh!! the content of my heart!!
please, please, please stop flowing!
please don't leave my heart with four empty chamber.
grabbing, grabbing, grabbing with all my effort,
but they just flow through my fingers!!

please sleep my dear,
please don't say so,
at the moment,
where my heart feels hollow,
and echoes can be heard, crystal clear;
when water is finding ways to my eyes,
making me trying hard to blink them away.

i don't want to leave here.
from the past, till now.
never did i feel the enthusiasm to leave a peaceful town behind,
and never did i feel the excitement of the hustling bustling city.
there are reasons for me to stay,
and they are adding on.

reality is such a cruel demon!
that's why, i never like to face it,
only doing so when forced.
we are all being forced,
as if it is the University course,
get it, passed it,
or you failed your 4 years program.