Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Dare You! *wink*

Here are some interesting stuff I came over when pouring over the latest CLEO magazine!

10 ways to Embrace Freedom

1. Go braless if you can afford to, but definitely go commando for that freeing feeling! Another plus point? no VPL!
** Going commando is the practice of not wearing underwear under one's outer clothing. - Wikipedia
** VPL is where the panties of a woman are visible through material of lower-body clothing. - Urban Dictionary

Norm at home! should have go on trying it out in public! LOL! VPL seems not bad too.

2. Can't imagine being seen without make-up? Try it! No one will look at you funny.

3. Walk into that expensive designer store, look interested in something outrageously costly, say loudly in posh accent, "It's so affordable, but it's so not my colour", then walk out.
This is interesting! Going to try it out!! Who's with me? ^^

4. See a total hottie on the streets? Strut up to him and tell him so. Even better if he's with a girl!
And, hey, this really really interested me!!!!! Definitely worth a try!!!!! Can anyone tell me where to find one? :)

5. If you're addicted to online social network, put up a post that you're freeing yourself from Facebook, and then feel free to change your mind later.

6. When you reach the restaurant, ask if they could announce your arrival. And when the waiter is walking you to your table, look for a better one and declare you'll sit there instead.
Before that, do make sure they don't charge extra on your bill later for all the troubles. haha...

7. The next time you get a telemarketing call, say you're not interested in what they're selling, but perhaps they might be interested in what you have for sale, like a used car. Think of it as a free ad!

8. Got a free Saturday? Take a domestic flight to, say, Peneng, do some eating and shopping, then fly back at the end of the day. We swear it's like being a celebrity!
I hope I will have the ability to do this every weekend, but the destination will be MIRI!

9. So what if the dance floor is empty? Be the first and show 'em how it's done! That cutie is bound to notice you, too!

10. Raid your bestie's closet and borrow something you'd never wear in a million years. Then wear it. In public.
Well, basically, my bestie and I are having common taste in clothing. right, Zhmm? (^_^)

So, anyone dare to take my challenge? hehehehe.... do inform me if you do so!