Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Peneng~~ Laksa~~

Hey hey~~
Hows everyone lately?? Fine??
Was hanging around, with no mood to study, thinking what can be done, then..
My laksa review!! haha..
Here comes~~

Air Itam laksa

my 1st laksa in Peneng for this trip.
The standard has dropped TREMENDOUSLY!!
It is totally far from the damn nice I was having a year before. The fish stock is not that rich, and the ingredients are lesser. Heard that the old stall owner has retired, and now it is run by a few young people. Maybe that's why the standard dropped.
owh~~ How I miss the one I had before..:(

'Gong Chi' laksa

Still the same taste as before. This place is where we get our laksa fixed when there is no car available. The stall is in fact famous for its ABC (which is nice! ^^). Only a few minutes from zhmm's house, and we cycle there! Nice exercise! hehe..

The ABC!!

Our afternoon tea~~ Zhmm's ABC with ice-cream topping. I prefer mine without the ice-cream, because I don't like the look when the ice-cream melts and the ABC turn murky.

Jawi Laksa

HEY!! This is the BEST laksa in Peneng! Till now! And it standard is the most well-maintained. Same old taste. I will never grown tired of it and don't mind having it everyday. (I remember we have it for 4 days, straight, during the May holiday. :P)
So, guys, if you do visit Peneng, try your best to try it out!!

'Oo Zha Bo' Laksa (black lady laksa)

A funny name, right? haha.. According to Zhmm n Jryne, she is given he name due to her skin colour. Heard that she had 'extraordinary' dark skin, even all her children also have dark skin. I don't have the opportunity to see her in person, but I do saw her children. Really, they are quite dark, intermediate of typical Asian and Indian. haha..
The laksa is average. In fact, I found the stock quite bland. There is a hinge of spiciness, which I think is ok, but Zhmm don't like. Located in a small street, I bet if noone tell you, you won't know there is a laksa stall in there. Obviously, it's customers are from the neighbourhood.

Laksa behind Jryne's house

haha.. This bowl of laksa, we have it straight after the previous one, after we dropped Jryne. The stall is operated by a household. And as I repeat :" I bet if noone tell you, you won't know there is a laksa stall in there." haha.. This laksa is better than the previous one, and I think it is quite nice. It is more spicy than the black lady's. Guess spicy food do attract me. :)
Overall, good!!

the outside of the house

a good way to utilise your carpark :)

"pan long" laksa

"pan long" according to Zhmm, the stall got it's name because it is located behind a wood factory a long time ago. "pan" means wood, "long" means small street. So, the old folks, for convenience, refer that stall as "pan long". I think the stall never move from it's old place, from its location now. haha.. have a look..

the stall is at the end of this small 'lorong', which can only fit 2 people at a time. Who in this world will know the place beside the locals? haha..
And, if you wish to eat the laksa, please be the early birds. They only prepare 8 pots of stock every saturday and sunday. The stock finished, the business ends for the day. I saw many 'dabao' when i was there, and I guess they called for reserve. There are also a long line waiting outside the stall. People keep flocking in when we are having ours. When we left, we heard the store owner told the late comers the laksa has sold out. Owh~~ how pity!
The laksa is quite good, in fact I kind of like it.. The fish stock is quite rich, with lot's of fish!!
This laksa is slightly spicy also. And I like the noodle too. It has a slight rice-y smell, unlike KL's, which u can't even chew. I will definitely come back for the laksa again, if I have the chance. haha..

Nice environment. I like the feel of tradition here. Make me miss my aunty house when I was a little kid.

That's all about my review. Hope you enjoy it. haha..
Owh~~ now I am missing the laksa!
and I know some of my Mirian friends will say that I have extraordinary tastebuds for liking the Peneng laksa, because they don't find it nice. They say it taste sourish and weird. They prefer Sarawak's.
Hey, I like Peneng's, and I MISS Sarawak's tremendously!! haha..
Good food in Peneng