Thursday, June 21, 2012



then my Miri friend will think that I am rich because i only go out with them once.
means i stay in room whenever i do not go out with them,
and don't spend.

then the friend i get to know through projects and activities will think that I am rich,
because I seldom go out with them.
when i am absence, means I am in the room,
saving up.

then my parents will think that I am rich, because I whenever i go out,
they will foot the bill.
and when they are not in KL, i am always in my room.
counting money.

oh oh oh.
this is how a person "richness" is determined.
the number of outings.

and i wont argue.
because, what's the point?

If there is a need to compare, then below is the list.
- i just paid RM1300 for my rental deposit. anyone doing so?
- i have a pending of RM 1100 to pay for 3 months rental, which only last till August. any suggestion i can skip that?
- for parents' day and parents' birthday, i spend RM 800 averagely, every year. i am just showing off, isn't it?
- present and gifts for family members, whenever i go home, is a must. and RM200-300 is just enough. oh, i should save that up, many may say.
- apart from that, all miscellaneous and outings do cost. well, that is what others are spending too, so skip that.

so, i am just showing off, huh?
with the rental and all, to tell the world i am going to continue my study.
with the parents gift, to tell the world how filial i am.
with the family gift, to tell the whole world how caring i am towards my family.

well, i dont know what to say or how to express my feeling.
just 1 thing.
i am just an ordinary girl.
i will like to spend money on pampering myself once in a while, which includes outings and buying stuff for myself.
and i love good delicious food, which usually cost more. so, once in a while, i will go ahead and forget about the price tag. just for a satisfying indulgence.
and i prefer outing with some others, not always the same group, because different group different feel.
and for the absence, i cant help it because either it is at the odd time or it is when i am back in my cozy home.
i dont think twice when coming to spending on my family. why? they are the closest people i have in this world. i think my parents deserve all the pampering and gifts. they are the one that give me such a good life and great environment when i am growing up, and i think that it is a responsible and reasonable thing to do, by saving up in somewhere to afford a good gift for them. if you think i am showing off, please do go ahead. and i like buying gifts for my brother and sister. why? i simply love to see their smiling face and delightful expression when receiving those thing. not expensive gifts but their smile is precious for me. God know how much i miss them here, i those smile, are the only thing i can bring along with me in my mind here.
and as a human, i need essentials to live on. they cost too.

so hey,
lesser outing with you guys dont means i dont go for outing and i dont spend.
i do. and a lot.
not blaming others, but just that it do hurt to see those comments.
and there is no where and no better way i can express them.

when things come to money, they turn nasty.
another lesson learnt, just shut up.
give less comment.

and lead my own life.
like mum say, i cant satisfy everyone.

**and i do miss home greatly now! :((**

Tuesday, June 12, 2012



一整天都浮浮沉沉,还把整个早晨“睡”掉! @@


Sunday, June 10, 2012

spontaneous trip always feel good!




吾爱艳阳天~ :))

满满都是人。 (当然,不然鬼啊? )


酸辣菜。(adapted from


mine - 芒果秋香。(adapted from tongpakfu.facebook)

ah sam - 杨枝甘露配芒果雪糕。(adapted from tongpakfu.facebook)


p/s: a nice hangout after "disconnected" for so long. haha..... chat, heard, learnt, shared a lot. sometimes, perceptions, from different gender, makes the whole thing reasonable, and more acceptable. Chiew Fook Sam, let's jia you! :))
oh, and i got to have a look at that kind of video. *wink*

Friday, June 8, 2012

Study week - week for non-studying stuff.

""Waku Waku~~""
well, Yahoo answers - [["wakuwaku" means excited, thrilled, oh my god, what fun, something building up.]]
so, thrilled of what? excited about?

A New Restaurant in Midvalley!!
top floor.
center court.
replacing ex-Sushi King.
japanese-based fusion restaurant.

nice design. have the feel of dining in a japanese garden with all the wooden-theme and green "lantern".

simple menu. set meals, ala carte and dessert. let's hope they add in more sushi and udon selection.

random photo. :))

roommate's genmai green tea. hot. she is so health-conscious. and a determined one.

this design seems familiar, right? :P

there is one thing i can't stand about this restaurant. that is their over "warm" service! greet you when you enter, well, that is fine. after you are seated, the waiter serving you will introduce his name. that is kinda weird, but acceptable. at least you know who to call when you need stuffs. explain to you about your dish, and recommend how you should eat them. that is fine too. but, at one table, i saw the waiter knelt down beside a ;ady's table to do so! @@ another thing, they will keep come and "check" on your needs! with their over "wide" plastered smile. my god. and i wonder, if their business get better, with more crowds in, will these be maintained? hmm....

well, this is worth to be praised. serving you a copy of japanese magazine while you are waiting. :)

my japanese lam mee. the sauce was kinda bland. i assume this normal because it is typical for a japanese dish to be milder in taste. but with the add of a few drops of vinegar, everything is fixed. and i like the udon, replacing the real yellow mee in normal lam mee.

hi there! ^_^

roommate's japanese fried kueh tiao. this is superb! imagine korean hot stone rice, but now is fried kueh tiao. the addition of egg, oh my my. but for those who limit their salt intake, this may be slightly over your ideal intake. perhaps a little less salt will make this dish a perfecto~

after the mixing up. oh, superb!

toothpicks. hygienic design. can someone do some explanation on the 3 chinese words? 

overall, a nice lunch. do head over here if you are bored of the usual japanese dish, or when you need something new. reasonable price too. so, yea.. great hangout during the month-end.

after filling up, a huge Chatime ice-blended, now, it is time for a roomie facial treatment. Where at the end, we feel guilty over it. :PP