Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool Outing

01042012. April Fool Day.
Today is the day, either you fool someone, or you are fooled.

This is the last day of The 3rd Malaysia International Shoe Festival 2012.
What is this? Check it out here -
Packed with high hope of getting a few pair of new cheap shoes, we (Alex, Harn Chia, Me) visited it.
Maybe it is the superstitious thing that you shouldn't hope too high, or it is April Fool, the festival turned out to be a disappointing one.
Damn nice-looking shoes - expensive.
"Chap-pa-lang" shoes - not that expensive but not cheap either.
So, you get what I mean right?
Went there been there and end up left there, empty handed.

A few extraordinary designed shoes:
Alex : "McDonald shoes." LOL!

I like this. smart!

somehow, they remind me of the cartoon safeguard dogs. ~.~

The largest shoe!!

Miniature Shoes competition: - By art students from different universities and colleges.
1st place - nice oriental theme. such an ancient-feel!

2nd place - wax-shoes in the water.

3rd place - hairy shoes.

i forgot this theme. >.<

Can you spot the fish head bone? this design is kinda scary.

The Signature Red Pump!! - logo for this festival.

The ravenous three of us then made our way to Pavillion, searching for lunch.
Harn Chia-er was craving for her 'forever-favourite' Fried Prawn Noodle at Pavillion's food court. That is why we end up having lunch there.
Harn Chia - fried prawn noodle
Alex - fried kueh tiao (same stall, super fast. get immediately after she ordered. )
me - set of thai tomyum & summer spring roll
Can't manage to get any photos, everyone was simply too hungry.

Full tummies, it was time to have a walk. In other words, SHOPPING! :P
Swing in Cotton On, Breeze through Forever 21, and the 2 of them get a jean for RM49, from F21.
I tried, I like but I don't buy. why? wait for mum this weekend. :PP

Alex intend to buy a netbook. This made us move to Lowyat next.
Once inside the building, wow! there was a crowd there.
Are people always in need of PC, laptop, accesories, phone and so on? If not, why there were so many people in there?
Anyway, we started off surveying.
A weird and unique discovery. The higher you go, the lower the price. Great marketing strategy eh.. haha!
So, what Alex bought? Nothing. haha.... not that the price was not attractive enough ( it was!!), it is just that, well, more consideration and more rational judgement needed.

Out from Lowyat, dinner time!
Harn Chia:" let's go 'yat man gai'. " The rest:"ok! on!"
Made our way back Pavillion again.
Why purposely go back for the silly chicken? there are chicken dish all over the street.
Well, because it cost only RM1.00 per bird!!

Where? Dragon-I.

Why? As an appreciation for their customers support. (In reality, another marketing strategy. LOL!)
Never mind all those. Cheap, is the main thing. haha...
Here are what we, 3 dainty (LOL!! x2 only 2 dainty, je non! ) ladies have for dinner.

RM1.00 whole chicken!!! worth, right?

some soup. contain succulent prawns, bouncy fishballs, wantons, egg dumpling, chinese cabbage and some pity slice of carrots.
down part - milky and kinda sweet.

pork-chop shanghai fried rice. signature dish.
a tad too salty for me, but Harn Chia, the salt eater, say is nice. personal taste. :)

End up packing back the 3 piece of pork chop and the leftover 4-5 pieces of chicken. **BURP!!!**
Great deal! When mummy come, will make this for dinner. save! :)

Having a great day with them!!
Let's hang out more!!


by the way, came across a Semi-D today. Olympus. played with it. damn nice. but don't know worth or not. anyway, to whoever concern (especially Big Sis Ling), i wish to have my personal camera as my convocation gift. :P

and i do need a printer. any recommendation?