Thursday, May 12, 2011

end of 2nd year

officially end of my 2nd year.

now, i only want to:

to enjoy my:

and to:

enjoy the sun by the seaside


eat n eat n eat n eat n EAT! (going Peneng mar... :P)

before coming back to the hustle bustle city for:

which when thought of it straight-away make me:


oh ya ya ya.. want to wish all my kutu geng 姐妹们:

enjoy your Taiwan trip!!
and don't forget my souvenir please~~ hehe...........

lastly, not to forget,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dear roommate - LIM SIEW FEN!!
happy 21st birthday ya~~
even though you still need to struggle over notes and books.. pity you...
hopefully our purposeful-blackout cheer you up a little.
give you more inspiration in your study~

HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY, again, my dear~~