Thursday, January 6, 2011

occuring sem

It is just the new start of my brand new second semester, but it seems like I have been here for a damn long duration.
Things are happening too fast, until I almost unable to manage. Everything is just not as smooth as hope.
Suffering from Post-holiday syndrome. Before I have the chance to heal, problems keep on pouring down, complications can't stop rolling in.
Well, this is life, I reckoned.
And, I am being bad. Not that I steal, I snatch, I hit. Just being bloody bad in some ways. I do not intend to do so, which many may think otherwise. Whatever!
I do know that is your concern, but sorry, wrong timing. If you are in my shoes, you will know. A promise made is a promise made. Even without any payment, I will take it as lesson. Plus, I have arranged everything. And I strongly believe I am not responsible to report every single mingle of my plan. If you can't take it, then fine! I am not expecting that also.
Now, Sorry for being demanding, but I must do so. I can't bear to see what is being built the past 9 years to collapse, by myself. Sorry, I don't let you all get the enjoyable feeling that should be gained. My bad.
What I can do now, is to crossed my fingers, and hope that everything will turn out fine. Just fine is enough.
Looking forward the Chinese New Year holiday, which by then, I get the chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Get the chance to have a rest of mind. Get the chance to reconsider my steps. Get the chance to re-plan my life. I don't wish to repeat my mistakes, to regret again, to miss the chance another time, and to waste others valuable time the second time.
Oh my dear God, please shine the path in front of me, if not brightly, as least less dim. Thank you very much, dear The Mighty!

OH! Dear Claire, do hang on!

How's everyone back there? I miss you all dam lot!!