Sunday, January 23, 2011

a series of events

AAaahh~~ relieve~~ after a series of fortunate, unfortunate, stressful, meaningful, meaningless, etc events..
Well.. everything seems to pile up since I am back from my semester break. everything seems came rushing in, afraid to be left out. I tried my best to grab and fulfill each of them, and I did, and survives through.. even though some are done in a bad way. well, like people say, by hook or by crook.

1st week - MMK booth setting
well, this really get me stressed up and steamed up. my fault too, for forgetting it and totally neglecting it during my break. if only i remember it, and did all the arrangement earlier, everyone and everything will be well done. well, at least not as bad as this time. to assign people at the booth just for barely 3 hours is a total headache. worsen by lack of transportation. and also publicity. well, now that had passed, and things are settled, let save up all the complains. thanks a lot for those who had helped out. thanks for those who are willing to skip classes. thanks for those who tried their best to settle for the transportation. thanks for those who help us with oral publicity. and also, thanks for those for your products and continuous support. really appreciated them. sorry, I had been loud, aggressive, pushing and commanding. i apologize. hope you all don't mind.

1st weekend - GENTING part time
1st part time job as a promoter, 1st part time job in KL. and it is all the way up at Genting. A memorable part time indeed. with all the pre- and post- events. it will be too long to compile everything here, and too bored to do so. for those who intend to know more, you have a few choices. 1) ask me. 2)ask my friends who are with me 3)read thier blogs 4)browse Facebook. haha...... in a nutshell, staying at a well-known-haunted apartment, with badly functioning water heater, and a few sleepless nights with freezing cold weather, plus long-hour standing job is really an unforgetful experience. it is so so so undescribable. for those seeking a part time, don't ever consider Genting. KL is 10 times better. even though we get a free magic show, worth RM 70! wow!
not forgeting to have a photo before work

new friend made during part time - Chloe

2nd week - MMK preparation
3rd week - MMK main event
a series of meeting, planning, discussion, rehearsal, waiting, dealing, argueing........
a series of gladful, meaningful, relieve-ful, stressful, hurtful, painful, events.
a series of uncertainty, undecideful, unwillingness, unsecure, uncontrolable events.
n a full 2 weeks of unenough sleep.
thank you very much, my MTs, my juniors and my friends. for helping out. and for supporting. there are too much to be said, but i can't find words to describe. what i can say is, it is great for having all of you. a part of my life are colored by you all. thanks!!

without you all, I am a total failure.. thanks!!

thanks a lot for supporting, dear all~~ muaks!!

well, now, it is the 4th week. my heavy responsibility has been accomplished. it should be the time to start focus on my study. but, hey.. holiday is coming. and, it is CNY!! so, i bet study can wait, till i am bac again from my dear MIRI. for the time being, i shall go shopping. red clothes, a skirt, new shoes, CNY delicacies for family.......... there are a lot to be bought!! but i am broke!! JPA, please, when are you coming? it is the 1st time i am so desperate for you. haha.. by the way, where is my part time salary? :P


life is just so colourful~