Tuesday, July 12, 2011

unexpected finding~

Meeting up with my dear BFF, KeYan at IKEA the day before she depart. Killing our time at Border Bookstore. Was scanning and flipping through all the magazines there, and look what have I found!!

Marina Bay seahorse on the cover page~

A travelling magazine featuring MIRI!! My hometown!! How proud I am with it. **beaming**
Initially, I didn't notice it much, since traveling magazine is not my favorite. However, the seahorse sculpture on the cover page caught my eyes. Hey.. It's normal if you are from a city full with that sculpture. haha.. When I have a closer look at it, the word "美里 Miri" came to me so so so obviously. Excited, I grabbed it and turned to those related pages (below).

See that seahorse? It is made of some kind of metal (which I forgot :P), facing the wide South China Sea

Showing all the great places and food

When it comes to famous places, the Grand Old Lady and the petroleum museum beside it will always come first. As for food, 'kampua' or 'kolok mee' is un-escape-able.

Hong Yun Cafe and it's famous food~

And I am especially surprise to see that Hong Yun Cafe is extensively introduced. I mean, who will think that a coffee shop just within 5 minutes drive from my house, and is the place where we have our routine weekend breakfast will be featured? Not the people there, i confirmed. haha.. anyway, is so proud of it!! **beaming beaming**

oh, how proud I am with you~
and i do miss you a lot!!