Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Very very very confusing. 很乱很乱很乱。 Must blame the weather!! Very very very very very hot!!

We are in the tropical country. The weather should be warm and humid. But it is not now!! it is totally HOT (but not sexy, thanks.) and dry. Crispy dry.

Ok. I admit. I admit I am wrong in the first place. i should mind my own business. But, please do give me a chance to explain.

My explaination:

- 1st, I am so guilty for being unhelpful. I know you need opinions, but I cant give much through that wireless thingy. Plus, I don’t know what is available out there. And, I don’t have much fashion sense. Do forgive me for that. And do forgive me for my lack of opinions.

- 2nd, I am so guilty for leaving you out there wandering and searching, aimlessly, in a sea of similar stuffs. I know the feeling.’ Everything seems ok, everything seems fine, but there should be a better one later.’ And I also know another feeling, ‘ I think it is nice, how about you?’ but there will be no one answering. =.= ‘oh, damn!’ please forgive me for not being there. not that I don’t want, but the situation is not allowing me. Sorry.

- 3rd, I really don’t know how are things getting out there. but I am certain that you are exhausted, if not physically, it is mentally. (oh, shut! It is juz MY feeling.) that’s why I suggest a temporary stop for the No.11 bus. Let the heated up tyres have a sip of cool fluid. Let the heaty engine enjoy a breeze, before continuing the journey. But I guess the driver wont think so. (OK, IT IS MY SILLY GUESS, AGAIN!) so, I think the driver beside will help. Because, sometime, 3rd party opinion falls on soft ears, unlike the direct concerned person. So, due to my silly guessing and assumption, I turn to the 3rd party. I know, I know, and I am certain, I SHOULDN’T! I know I know I know, I should just let it be. But, I really hope the bus will cool down, so that the bus will have a better sense of direction. Who knows, it ruins. It turns out the opposite way.

Oh, good! I know whatever explanations done now are in vain. Useless. Hopeless. Meaningless. So, I will just apologise and keep quiet. Till the bus is willing to pick me up again. And I doubt when is it. oh, serve you right. So next time, just mine your own business!! You might as well save that 1 sentence. Or should I say, 1 letter?

To the bus driver, I am so sorry. Here, I will like to apologise sincerely. Whether you accept it or not, I have no high hope on it. because, I know you will be totally frustrated. But, please do believe me, i don’t have any bad meaning. I know, you will say:’no need!i am doing just fine. And I know what I am doing.’ Sorry. With tones of apologies.

Do take care, my dear. Please fill your water tank with more fluid to ease your heaty engine. Please don’t condemned at this time.

‘Sorry don’t cure. If it does, policemen should be extinct!’ >.<

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ABC d e f g ..........

supposedly, i should be doing other stuffs rather than sitting here blogging. but my heart for all those is stolen by a thief when i am asleep. he left a note telling me he will return it to me after my breakfast, so, at the meantime, i will just kill my waiting time with blogging. (Excellent reason, right? :P)

hmm.. still practicing to improve my food blogs. as a revision, let's have a brief one.

on 1 random Sunday afternoon (i think so.. haha..). the weather was indescribably warm. 2 young ladies were craving for a bowl of ABC to cool themselves down. as it was a sunday, all mamak stall in the campus were closed. and wasn't it irrational to take a bus to the nearest town to have a bowl of ice? LOL. end up, they went to a typical mamak stall that sells cendol, ABC and rojak mamak next to a KFC outlet nearby.
(some may think:'Oh Gosh! it is so hot, and you all walk there just for a tiny bowl of condensed water? how insane!' -------- well, when the craving comes, it is explainable.)

they settled down with a bowl of cendol and ABC. not much to comment about. they were not the best the 2 ladies have before. but, they were not bad either. for RM1.50, you can't expect much ingredients except the basic ones to be found. oh, the red bean is a highlight though. :)



shared a bowl of mee rojak between them. ordered a person's portion, but it when it came, it can certainly fed 4 people. LOL. piled up with prawn fritters, fried tofu, and yellow noodles, loaded with their special rojak sauce, it was quite nice. you may require the sauce to be separated if you don't like your rojak to be mushy as you devoured it. (well, still prefer the black sauce rojak more..haha..)

mee rojak

UM folks out there, if you have a sudden crave for ABC and cendol, give it a try! maybe you can spend the time chit-chatting after the tea-time while waiting for dinner, and head for KFC!! ^^

the ladies afternoon tea~

tada~ the 2 young ladies~~ (weewit!)

发现一首好歌 - A-Lin 逃避没有不好

"逃避沒有不好 太理智想犯罪突然變虛偽"
真的,有时候逃避, 并不是一件坏事。


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


空虚 - 最近的心情就是如此。
从进大学起,空闲的时间好像还蛮少的。活动 + 学业 = 忙。
功课,考试,阿塞门 - 没间断过。
就只是,时间多了点。 也许,活动少了。
有人应该会说:读书啦。’ >> 可以不要吗?一直读一直读会疯掉的。至少我会。
也会有人说:出去玩啦。’ >> 我已经很常出去了。kl还有哪儿可以去?
当然:去看戏。也是人家宝贵的意见。 >> 有什么戏好看?
这个星期,或许是因为cbc trip突然取消了,全部人时间太多,纷纷回家去。
好想逃离这乱乱的首都,好想找个地方躲起来, 可是我能去哪儿?
蛮写意的生活嘛。。。>< 好啦好啦。再讲下去,就真的变怨妇啦。我可青春的很啊~ 哈哈!



Cosy Dining~

still remember my recent post saying that we (zhmm and me, plus meanmean at the last minute) planned to search for the 4 Happy Seasons Restaurant @ Wangsa Maju? well.. we did went there. in fact, it is nearer to the Sri Rampai lrt station than that of Wangsa Maju. it takes a few minute (hey, it is not more than 20 minutes what... haha..) to walk there from the station. the sun is glaring that day. but maybe it is due to the excitement and the anticipation we have towards the restaurant, we did not complain about the blaze. unusual, eh? haha..

so, on we walk n walk n walk.. a little bit of searching.. finally, we reached the shop lot where it is suppose to be located. 'ei, where is it? it is suppose to be here.' i said as i keep looking around. suddenly, my 6th sense told me to look up. hey, that is the signboard. but........ the doors are all tightly closed. "WE CLOSE FOR RENOVATION." this is what i saw next. OMG! they are closed!! since when?? for renovation?? isn't that too 'coincidence'? zhmm was so so so so so disappointed that she keep 'why? why? hello.. please open the door.. i don't care........' LOL... aiks! our fate! what to do? so, after a few photo of the restaurant, and a promise to return, we left it.

closed door!!

owh.. too bad!

d 3 exhausted girl~

hmm... so now how? we have to find a place for lunch. but where? no one has an idea. seldom read any food blog regarding this place. maybe it is too far away. with no choice, we hold the hope to at least search a quite decent place to have a meal. initially, saw a place selling pizza. half way heading towards it, saw another place which we all agreed immediately. that is why we found ourselves here - THE COSY PLACE.

the Cosy Place

it is not a large restaurant. in fact, it can be regarded as a coffee house. the decoration mimics those in the western country, where ladies will gather and have their afternoon tea while catching up with each other. its name do resemble its environment. cosy, quiet, comfort..... nice setting! even its toilets are well designed. haha...

nice interior design!

we quickly found us a seat at a corner. maybe it is still early (for afternoon tea,i mean), the whole shop belongs to us. hmm.... never mind. better than crowded. it is a fusion shop, in fact. western and local food are served. you may also choose to order dishes to go with white rice just like at a chinese restaurant. not in a mood for western food, i ordered myself a sweet and sour chicken rice, while both of my sista have grilled spring chicken in BBQ sauce.

taking photos while waiting for food.. typical girl~ :P

the rice i had was nice. the chicken cubes are well marinated. the meat was so tender, even though they are fried. the sauce do capture my attention. unlike some other shop, which either is too sour or too sweet, this restaurant's is well balanced. served together with cubes of pineapple, tomatoes and capsicum, it do remind me of mum's cooking. :) well done!

my orange juice

and a huge plate of rice


the grilled spring chicken both of them have turned out to be humongous. half of the spring chicken are on each plate!! it is served with a serving of mash-potato and vegetables. the taste? EXCELLENT!!! the chicken was well grilled. from the look of the chicken, one may think it was overly done, but no! the meat was so tender and moist. even the breast meat was juicy. great skill! they adore the mash-potato too. unlike others, this mash-potato has small cubes of potatoes in it. totally results in different texture from the fast food one's.

their grilled spring chicken. huge!

she can't wait to sink her teeth in the chicken!


shared a sorbet after our meal. so so..... and quite pricey. half a lemon-sized cost RM7.90. @@

nice! but the price :(

pink guava and orange juice

snack, which cost RM2. compulsory served, i assumed

expected to pay quite an amount for the food we had. since it is a coffee house, and the serving is huge, especially the chicken chop (till they thought they will never stop eating, and the meat are regenerating. lol..). but it seems we worried too much. the price, if not cheap, can be said to be reasonable. mine only cost around RM7-8, while theirs cost only RM18. WOW!!

chinese proverbs: 塞翁失马,焉知祸福. the 4 happy season does not welcome us, but we found another great place. hmm... lucky day, not?



and more posing~
hey, you not satisfied with your meal?

saw this restaurant. run by malay. military theme. all the employee wore like PLKN trainee.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Udon Fever

"good morning~
good morning
morning to you~
good morning~
good morning~
to you and to me~"
- Nursery rhyme (known it since i am a kid)

Saturday is here again. looking from my window, today's weather should be nice. a weekend with no plan and no due assignments, reports, presentations. i am not showing off. there are stuffs to be done, lessons to be revised, but hey, aren't we doing these all the times? so, they are not plans. assignments and reports and presentations are non-stop in a university student's life. so, there is no exact due date. haha!!

planned an outing with zhmm (it is her again, so what? zhmm, you wont blame me for keeping you with me, hor? :P) going to search for the 4 Happy Season Restaurant @ Wangsa Maju. heard zhmm say it for a week. i tried to search online before that but in vain. why? because, i search it @ Tasik Selatan. another why? better ask that Ms Zhmm for more details. LOL. well, if you want to know updates about our search, stay tuned please. hopefully, will update it ASAP.

before that, main intention today - our itinerary on last Thursay (10/3). we have really short class that day (me 2 hrs, zhmm 1 hrs). the mood of going out is so strong. let us put the blame on those coursemates who went for Jogoya. haha.. not joining them because we had tried it before, during study week last semester! (APPLAUSE pls~~) so, spontaneously, planned to have a late lunch of Udon mee @ Jaya 1. kill 2 birds in one stone. 1)avoid the DU seafood delight menu 2) we are going out afterall. HAHA!!

this shop is tucked in a small corner @ Jaya 1. may miss it as it is hidden by a bistro in front. tried this shop, specialized in Udon mee before that. fell under its skirt immediately. the Udon Mee is just so bouncy!! it is as if the long long Udon Mee is jumping up and down when you chewed it. (ok, i know i am exaggerating :P) the broth is so tasty. slightly salty, with a hint of sweetness from the miso. some may find the soup based udon tasteless. but for me, it is wonderful.

our lunch:
zhmm - curry udon + 1 half 'raw' egg + 1 green tea (refillable) = RM10
me - original soup udon + 1 half 'raw' egg = RM7
can you believe that?? with a bowl of udon and so many side dish, it only cost less than RM10!! you can't even find this price at the so called famous and cheapest Japanese fast food restaurant - SK. and they taste far better than that sold there.

all these only cost RM20!

zhmm's curry udon is rich with the flavour of Japanese curry. the taste is so rich. cubes of carrot (not mushroom ya, zhmm) are all over the udon. adding in 1 half ‘raw' egg (mainly because zhmm can't stand the 'egg'y smell if eaten alone) makes the bowl of udon a slippery slurppy dish. yum yum!!

Curry Udon

mine, even though comprises of only clear broth with udon, is nice too. the warm broth really delights me. hope that i can have more of it. (you can, by adding RM1) adding a few dash of chilli flakes mixed with sesame seeds and miso, 1 just cant stop but keep on sipping and slurping in the udon.

Original Soup Udon

shared a stick of Dando with red bean. Dango - glutinous rice flour ball. something like TangYuan but much much stickier. hmm.. don't really appeal to us. theonly thing i like about it is the red bean. well, red bean never fails on me. :)

Dango with Red Bean

here, everything is self-serviced. you have to ordered at a computer near the entrance. just touch on the screen whatever you want and whatever you want to add, press 'order', get the slip, pay at the counter, wait for your food, then take it to your table. don't forget your cup, if you ordered drinks. you may help yourself with the green tea in the jug, as much as you want.

they also serve Kakiage during lunch time. but be there early or else you will miss it. other than that, Yakitori (something similar to skewer) are available only after 5pm. will certainly go back to try out other stuffs there!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I am back! haha... seems like it has been ages since i really sit down and write a proper blog.(please ignore all the complaining/nagging-blogs. human do need to express sometimes. >.<)

now, what prompts me to write a foodblog? hmm.. i also don't know why. just have that instinct suddenly. haha..

moving on.....

visited Petaling Street last weekend, after my cheongsam-shopping @ Central market. our main intention, in search of food, of course. after strolling around for a while, we totally do not have any idea on what to eat. recall, recall, recall...... *tink* aha!! "zhmm, want to eat beef noodle?" "har... don't want. i don't want to have beef today." "oh, ok." hmm.... keep recalling.. "eh, can also la. haha.." @@ typical her! the next minute, we seated ourselves comfortably in the small little shop, with the smell of beef lingering around. kinda 'yew~~' for me.

SHIN KEE BEEF NOODLE SPECIALIST - name of the shop. heard a lot of good comments from food bloggers. never tried before, as beef is a no-no for me. since zhmm is quite an 'expert' in beef, why dont take the opportunity to let her have a taste of it and see hows her opinion on it. she ordered a very small bowl of mee-meehoon beef noodle, with a few slices of reddish beef slice (>.<) and a few balls of beefballs bobbing around in the beef soup. her first sip, "hmm.." second sip, "eh, not bad le." "eh, nice le.." oh, seems not bad ya. good then. didn't remember to take any photo of it, and can't give any comments. well, from zhmm's expression and comments, that small bowl of noodle should be tasty. a bowl with all the good stuff only cost RM6. so those who take beef, why don't give it a try? the shop is just by the roadside. easy to locate. air-conditioned. but if you don't like to eat in a crowd, avoid lunch hour as this is when the customers flow in and packed the shop. they do have a small stall in Petaling Street, operated by the founder himself, with his wife. but please keep in mind that this stall is only open in the evening.

the old building

the little petite shop

this is how zhmm bowl of beef noodle look like, except the beef tripe

i am craving for ABC since a few days ago. this craving get so bad that day due to the warm weather, i reckoned. i remembered reading up somewhere about a small street hidden at Petaling Street, famous for its ABC and laksa. has always wanted to visit it, but had search high and low for two times, it just cant be located. oh well, it is really a mysterious street, isnt? LOL.. told zhmm about my craving and the street, and to my surprise, she asked me to search for it that day again. wow!! determined, we start our searching. turn in and out a few small street, breathing in awful, fishy smell, and also porky smell, making zhmm nearly vomitted, FINALLY, "eh, zhmm, it is there!" "where?" "there! come on come on!!" owh......... finally finally finally, I found the street - Jalan Sayur. it is hidden behind the wet market at Petaling Street. selling a wide range of local food, from yong tao fu to asam laksa to curry mee to ABC. you name it, you get it. 1st time, we don't have the difficulties to decide on our food. "2 bowl asam laksa, pls." hehe... quickly find us a table. before i have the chance to sit down , the aunty that sell asam laksa called me. "you all want to have drink is it?" "erm, in fact no. we want ABC." "then, you all go sit at the table at the ABC stall there." @@ that is when i remembered, oh ya! the hawker that sells drinks here have some kind of "undercover-fight". you can't sit at their tables, unless you ordered drinks from them. oh well, better remember this at my next visit. with a piece of sardine fish on top (which zhmm found quite disgusting. lol), our bowl of laksa looks appealing. the taste, not bad. just don't compare it to original peneng asamlaksa. haha.. however, the bowl of ABC we ordered is quite small. and the ingredients are scanty. but it do relieve my craving.

our bowl of laksa (zhmm, see the sardine?)

can it be larger in size? haha..

TADA!!!!! our ABC model~~

satisfied, we move to our next station. Pavillion. intend to watch a movie - Black Swan. quite a nice movie. with bits of scary parts. visited Chattime again.
macha red bean for zhmm,

passion fruits for me.

nice! especially the pearl. adore them!!

let's chat and chat @ Chattime~

a tasty drink is just bland without a mate! muaks!

trying hard to get out the red bean..

lingering around until dinner time. with the pearl still undigested in our stomach, we try to search for light hawker food. walk a big round from pavillion to starhill gallery to jalan imbi, finally decided to head for Jalan Alor. shared a plate of char kueh kak and clam with zhmm. the char kueh kak is just not nice. the radish cake is too soft. but the clam is good!! although a bit bloody.. haha.. saw a thai stall there. ordered the papaya salad. it is always my favourite. it is quite pricey for a plate of raw papaya though. again, i only remember about taking photos after everything is demolished. >.<

well, that ends our day. reach our beloved room after more than 10 hours of outing. we really can be awarded the most 'playful' and 'brave' girls among our classmates. y? because exam and presentation and assignment are coming up the next weeks. BUT, WHO CARES? this is uni life, after all!! ^^

Friday, March 4, 2011

tis is to get rid of my nervousness! pls leave.......

D older i grow, d emptier my brain cavity. I m becoming a girl without thinking. I hav no thought. I will jiz follow d crowd. I m no longer d girl with great enthusiasm in life. I m juz sloughing around. I hav no longer hav my own standing. I am getting lazy to argue. I am getting tired to let ppl understand me, to get wat i am thinking. Juz let everything goes on, without me interupting like before. Words hurt. I m trying to keep my word from hurting every1. Everyone is getting more delicate n sensitive as we grow older. I am trying hard to be insensitive, at d sametime trying to avoid getting messed up wif othrs network of sensitivity. Sorry, if i m to self centered. Sorry, if i hurt anyone as i get along. Sorry, if i offend u. Sorry, if i seem ridiculous . Sorry for eveeything. I m trying hard to keep d golden pot of silence. I think tats not enuf. I should top up d pot of gold. Should start Gaining n collecting silence. Mayb i wil b rich by dojng so.. Nah... Dun think too much... I admit, i do miss my old self. I do miss pointing out my ooint. I still adore argueing. Think al tis gonna b left behind. Moving on in a mute state doesnt reali seem so bad ya.. Look at d brighter side. Rich!! Haha...

Lalalala, pls do tel me y...
Lalalala, wat i wan, i oso dun hav idea..

Thursday, March 3, 2011


hmmm... 你,加油吧!