Saturday, March 12, 2011

Udon Fever

"good morning~
good morning
morning to you~
good morning~
good morning~
to you and to me~"
- Nursery rhyme (known it since i am a kid)

Saturday is here again. looking from my window, today's weather should be nice. a weekend with no plan and no due assignments, reports, presentations. i am not showing off. there are stuffs to be done, lessons to be revised, but hey, aren't we doing these all the times? so, they are not plans. assignments and reports and presentations are non-stop in a university student's life. so, there is no exact due date. haha!!

planned an outing with zhmm (it is her again, so what? zhmm, you wont blame me for keeping you with me, hor? :P) going to search for the 4 Happy Season Restaurant @ Wangsa Maju. heard zhmm say it for a week. i tried to search online before that but in vain. why? because, i search it @ Tasik Selatan. another why? better ask that Ms Zhmm for more details. LOL. well, if you want to know updates about our search, stay tuned please. hopefully, will update it ASAP.

before that, main intention today - our itinerary on last Thursay (10/3). we have really short class that day (me 2 hrs, zhmm 1 hrs). the mood of going out is so strong. let us put the blame on those coursemates who went for Jogoya. haha.. not joining them because we had tried it before, during study week last semester! (APPLAUSE pls~~) so, spontaneously, planned to have a late lunch of Udon mee @ Jaya 1. kill 2 birds in one stone. 1)avoid the DU seafood delight menu 2) we are going out afterall. HAHA!!

this shop is tucked in a small corner @ Jaya 1. may miss it as it is hidden by a bistro in front. tried this shop, specialized in Udon mee before that. fell under its skirt immediately. the Udon Mee is just so bouncy!! it is as if the long long Udon Mee is jumping up and down when you chewed it. (ok, i know i am exaggerating :P) the broth is so tasty. slightly salty, with a hint of sweetness from the miso. some may find the soup based udon tasteless. but for me, it is wonderful.

our lunch:
zhmm - curry udon + 1 half 'raw' egg + 1 green tea (refillable) = RM10
me - original soup udon + 1 half 'raw' egg = RM7
can you believe that?? with a bowl of udon and so many side dish, it only cost less than RM10!! you can't even find this price at the so called famous and cheapest Japanese fast food restaurant - SK. and they taste far better than that sold there.

all these only cost RM20!

zhmm's curry udon is rich with the flavour of Japanese curry. the taste is so rich. cubes of carrot (not mushroom ya, zhmm) are all over the udon. adding in 1 half ‘raw' egg (mainly because zhmm can't stand the 'egg'y smell if eaten alone) makes the bowl of udon a slippery slurppy dish. yum yum!!

Curry Udon

mine, even though comprises of only clear broth with udon, is nice too. the warm broth really delights me. hope that i can have more of it. (you can, by adding RM1) adding a few dash of chilli flakes mixed with sesame seeds and miso, 1 just cant stop but keep on sipping and slurping in the udon.

Original Soup Udon

shared a stick of Dando with red bean. Dango - glutinous rice flour ball. something like TangYuan but much much stickier. hmm.. don't really appeal to us. theonly thing i like about it is the red bean. well, red bean never fails on me. :)

Dango with Red Bean

here, everything is self-serviced. you have to ordered at a computer near the entrance. just touch on the screen whatever you want and whatever you want to add, press 'order', get the slip, pay at the counter, wait for your food, then take it to your table. don't forget your cup, if you ordered drinks. you may help yourself with the green tea in the jug, as much as you want.

they also serve Kakiage during lunch time. but be there early or else you will miss it. other than that, Yakitori (something similar to skewer) are available only after 5pm. will certainly go back to try out other stuffs there!!