Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Very very very confusing. 很乱很乱很乱。 Must blame the weather!! Very very very very very hot!!

We are in the tropical country. The weather should be warm and humid. But it is not now!! it is totally HOT (but not sexy, thanks.) and dry. Crispy dry.

Ok. I admit. I admit I am wrong in the first place. i should mind my own business. But, please do give me a chance to explain.

My explaination:

- 1st, I am so guilty for being unhelpful. I know you need opinions, but I cant give much through that wireless thingy. Plus, I don’t know what is available out there. And, I don’t have much fashion sense. Do forgive me for that. And do forgive me for my lack of opinions.

- 2nd, I am so guilty for leaving you out there wandering and searching, aimlessly, in a sea of similar stuffs. I know the feeling.’ Everything seems ok, everything seems fine, but there should be a better one later.’ And I also know another feeling, ‘ I think it is nice, how about you?’ but there will be no one answering. =.= ‘oh, damn!’ please forgive me for not being there. not that I don’t want, but the situation is not allowing me. Sorry.

- 3rd, I really don’t know how are things getting out there. but I am certain that you are exhausted, if not physically, it is mentally. (oh, shut! It is juz MY feeling.) that’s why I suggest a temporary stop for the No.11 bus. Let the heated up tyres have a sip of cool fluid. Let the heaty engine enjoy a breeze, before continuing the journey. But I guess the driver wont think so. (OK, IT IS MY SILLY GUESS, AGAIN!) so, I think the driver beside will help. Because, sometime, 3rd party opinion falls on soft ears, unlike the direct concerned person. So, due to my silly guessing and assumption, I turn to the 3rd party. I know, I know, and I am certain, I SHOULDN’T! I know I know I know, I should just let it be. But, I really hope the bus will cool down, so that the bus will have a better sense of direction. Who knows, it ruins. It turns out the opposite way.

Oh, good! I know whatever explanations done now are in vain. Useless. Hopeless. Meaningless. So, I will just apologise and keep quiet. Till the bus is willing to pick me up again. And I doubt when is it. oh, serve you right. So next time, just mine your own business!! You might as well save that 1 sentence. Or should I say, 1 letter?

To the bus driver, I am so sorry. Here, I will like to apologise sincerely. Whether you accept it or not, I have no high hope on it. because, I know you will be totally frustrated. But, please do believe me, i don’t have any bad meaning. I know, you will say:’no need!i am doing just fine. And I know what I am doing.’ Sorry. With tones of apologies.

Do take care, my dear. Please fill your water tank with more fluid to ease your heaty engine. Please don’t condemned at this time.

‘Sorry don’t cure. If it does, policemen should be extinct!’ >.<