Friday, July 16, 2010

I hope n hope~~

Suddenly received a message to attend a meeting for all college activities at night. Thought it was nothing, but I hoped too high. Everything came flooding in in that half an hour of meeting. Everything!!

Suddenly, I doubt. I doubt whether I can manage everything.

Suddenly, I feel scared. I scare I won’t be able to cope. I scared that I make everything a mess. I scared everything that I manage will be a failure.

Suddenly, I am worry. I am worry how everything will turn out.

Everything is too damn sudden!!

I feel aimless. I don’t know where to start. I feel heavy, on my shoulder.

I know I can’t lose my way. I know many people is under my lead. I know it is my responsible to make everything turn out as they should.

All I can do, is try my best, which I really really hope that I can. All I can do, is not to panic. All I can do, is to hold on and look forward, which I definitely need to!!

All I can say, is, good luck to myself.


I just need a ear, no need a pair..

I need a shoulder, just to lie on for a while..

I need some encouraging words, no need too much..

I start missing home.. Damn!! I don’t wish to sleep on wet pillow.. oh God~ please lead me through everything~~