Sunday, January 15, 2012

browsing through people's blogs.
everyone is making a 2012 wishlist.
oh, so should i?
2012, i wish the world will not end.
2012, i wish to graduate on time.
2012, i wish to get a nice job at my hometown.
2012, i wish to go phuket and get really tanned.
2012, i wish to go singapore universal studio.
2012, i wish to go taiwan and stuff myself.
2012, i wish to have my hair dyed with extraordinary colour.
2012, i wish to have a sudden fall of fortune from anywhere.
2012, i wish my whole family, from the nearest to the furthest, that are linked to me even by 0.01% of DNA similarity, to stay well and healthy.
2012, i wish all my friends are at their top-most condition.
2012, i wish..........
i wish ........
i wish......
i wish....
i wish..

i wish for a wish i can use whenever, and wherever, and on whatever.


i am just to bored. :X