Sunday, October 23, 2011

A 14-hour Trip

3 people,

with 3 different aims, decided to pursue their dream.
They met up, 8.30a.m., and started off their journey.

1st stop, Klang Bak Kut Teh.
not a fan of Bak Kut Teh, but once in a while, is ok with it.
Same place, less crowd, more choice.

a variety of tea to choose

chinese crullers - a must with Bak Kut Teh

I prefer lean meat over fatty ones

if you like innards, you may ask for a mix.

braised egg and tofu - my all time favourite! well, can't compare with home-make ones.

Let's feast!!

As saying goes by:' stomach full, energy boosted.'
we are ready to head on our destination.
1 hour later, here we are!


we survived the crowd!

better than UM hostel, agree?

crowded book fair. not as expensive as expected.

price system used on board.

nice artwork. the concept of "picture tells a million stories" us well-applied here.

fighting with little kids to take this photo. but don't know what is it actually. haha~

donation can't be missed out, since it is a charity-based bookfair.

Logos Hope do sail a lot!

and the volunteers are from a wide nation. no discrimination here! some country (erhem..) should learn form them!

Gloomy sky + frightening lightning + thundering thunder when we left.

TATA~ till we meet again, Logos Hope!
Belle de vous repondre!

How you come, that's how you go back.
so, taking the same transportation, 3 people, with dream fulfilled, headed back.
away from food for some time, their stomachs were growling.
Dinner? where? (think think think think think......)
End up, SS2 Sagambut Seafood Noodle Restaurant!

heard from this place since a long time ago. wanna try it out for a long time d. never have the chance due to lack of company.
thanks to both gentlemen, who responsed to my suggestion. (guess because they were lack of idea too :P )

my choice of clear soup

NTK choice of curry soup

Edie choice of tomyum soup

Let's drool!!

taste-wise, the clear soup was the best. savoury + sweet. (MSG? maybe.) but who care. as long as taste nice. it will make you drink till the last sip!
the curry and tomyum were quite heavy for me. maybe of the noodle they chose. or the soup itself was actually too savoury to my liking.
though pricey, think it worth!

With dinner, their journey come to an end.
Great outing, great chit-chatting.
Thanks guy for accompanying.
Let's plan another! ^^


this damn silly taxi intended to cheat us! Offer RM30 to Logos Hope. Thought we were kids, never read thing is it? we planned our trip ya, uncle! the price for shuttle bus to-and-fro + entrance fee is only RM11!!

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