Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ABC d e f g ..........

supposedly, i should be doing other stuffs rather than sitting here blogging. but my heart for all those is stolen by a thief when i am asleep. he left a note telling me he will return it to me after my breakfast, so, at the meantime, i will just kill my waiting time with blogging. (Excellent reason, right? :P)

hmm.. still practicing to improve my food blogs. as a revision, let's have a brief one.

on 1 random Sunday afternoon (i think so.. haha..). the weather was indescribably warm. 2 young ladies were craving for a bowl of ABC to cool themselves down. as it was a sunday, all mamak stall in the campus were closed. and wasn't it irrational to take a bus to the nearest town to have a bowl of ice? LOL. end up, they went to a typical mamak stall that sells cendol, ABC and rojak mamak next to a KFC outlet nearby.
(some may think:'Oh Gosh! it is so hot, and you all walk there just for a tiny bowl of condensed water? how insane!' -------- well, when the craving comes, it is explainable.)

they settled down with a bowl of cendol and ABC. not much to comment about. they were not the best the 2 ladies have before. but, they were not bad either. for RM1.50, you can't expect much ingredients except the basic ones to be found. oh, the red bean is a highlight though. :)



shared a bowl of mee rojak between them. ordered a person's portion, but it when it came, it can certainly fed 4 people. LOL. piled up with prawn fritters, fried tofu, and yellow noodles, loaded with their special rojak sauce, it was quite nice. you may require the sauce to be separated if you don't like your rojak to be mushy as you devoured it. (well, still prefer the black sauce rojak more..haha..)

mee rojak

UM folks out there, if you have a sudden crave for ABC and cendol, give it a try! maybe you can spend the time chit-chatting after the tea-time while waiting for dinner, and head for KFC!! ^^

the ladies afternoon tea~

tada~ the 2 young ladies~~ (weewit!)

发现一首好歌 - A-Lin 逃避没有不好

"逃避沒有不好 太理智想犯罪突然變虛偽"
真的,有时候逃避, 并不是一件坏事。