Monday, September 13, 2010


woohoo~~ 2 weeks Raya holiday!!this year i didn't manage to go home, because
-1st, air ticket is so damn expensive
-2nd, there is no allowance for students 'oversea'
-3rd, my father didn't strike jackpot!
2 weeks, say long not long, say short not short too..
so, 就到出去走走,去逍遥,去快活,去吃喝玩乐,去花钱。。 (at the end, pokai balik college.. @@)

1st day - Saturday
even though still related to work and project, but still consider outing ma.. haha..
this time, its only MT going for the drive, and we 11 people, use 2 route of LRT, 千辛万苦,穿山越林,drive to Lengkungan Jalan Brunei. (if don't know where, go Google search! haha..)
Thanks a lot to my members, especially Marketing Director, Heng Wah for planning this drive. We manage to gain an amount of money, not much but I am satisfied. 问题不在多少,而在大家的心思付出有多少。
thank you everyone!! ^^


2nd day - Sunday
B4 that, thank you Lala Kit for planning the trip, and thank you everyone for inviting me. hehe.. This is the 1st time I joined them go for a holiday trip.
overall description: Fun + Fun + Cold!
Try imagine the situation.
" It's a cloudy day. A group of friend decided to visit the outdoor theme park. They go for a few exciting ride. Then, they decided to try the wet ride as they thought it wouldn't do any harm. Who knows, by the time they have their ride, it is drizzlling. The ride is no as dry as they thought. Everyone was soaked with icy cold water from head to bottom. But, they didn't give up so easily. They continue to have a few more ride. The thing is, the crowd is getting larger, and they have to wait longer, in the presence of non-stop super duper cool breeze. Everyone lips turned purple."
Can anyone imagine how cold we are?? and, this is the first time i shiver like hell. I thought my knee cap will dislocate due to the intense shake, and my jaw will never be able to open again cause I was biting my teeth so hard. haha.. luckily, I survive the cold, by the warm warm bath.. AHH~~~ and the steamboat.. haha..
Oh, another memorable thing. >>>>> 17 teenager, 1 room.
Geng ma?? haha.. and hey, its First World hotel room ya.. I think everyone realise how small the hotel rooms are, right? And even we are having the deluxe room, I don't think it is larger than the ordinary room. haha.. at the end, the room was like a sardine can, with all the sardine (us) squeezing together.
**PS: sardine is the most accurate desciption, because, our room do smell like sardine. wakaka~~ why? hmm.. go find out yourself.. :P

I am the only 1 lucky enough to get the flower!!

In the cable car~

I think the view is much better the previous years.. :(

See our luggage? A lot?

自拍自拍~我爱自拍~wakaka... Do I look like a profesional? hehe..

view from cable car next morning.


3rd day til dunno which day (lost count. haha!)
We depart from Genting in the morning. Reach Central around noon. Then, after lunch, everyone headed back to thier hometown. Me, due to the 3 reasons above, have to leave my hometown behind. Luckily, Zhmm is kind enough to let me stay over at her house in Nibong Tebal for a few days. (and this is not the first time :P) So, that's how I end up in Peneng for 1 week.
The next day after my arrival at Peneng, we join Kexin, Wei Xiang (Ipoh) and Harn Chia (Perlis) for a one-day-Peneng Trip. We are totally very spontaneous. And daring. Haha.. Can consider it is an adventurous trip.
And, maybe Peneng has too many good food, we really had a hard time deciding where to have our meal!!
A week in Peneng = a relaxing week. Sleep early, wake naturally, eat, laksa, laze around, watch drama etc. Owh~~ how I wish everyday is a holiday.. haha..
**A very big thanks to Zhmm, for taking the trouble to tour me around without any complain. And to complete my laksa survey (check it out soon!! hehe..). *hugs*

Kek Lok Si

food food food~~ (should say laksa laksa laksa~~)

Now, body back to UM, mind wandering around.
Holiday mood still on.
Another week please~

Office, you better get my thing done! *Grr*