Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I get it,then I will go for The Other.
doubting myself in completing it.
but then,
i realize,
keep on doubting is not the way.
never try never know.
crossed my fingers,
accept all sincere wishes,
and pray hard.
Dear Lord,
please give me the courage, stamina, perseverance, endurance and whatever I need,
to move on and continue moving on,
for now and in the future.
Please bless my effort,
and I promise I will try my best.

The gold doesn't shine with no polish,
The diamond doesn't spark with no craving.
Men don't success with no challenge.

Hoping and wishing for the best that is waiting just around the corner.


Thursday, June 21, 2012



then my Miri friend will think that I am rich because i only go out with them once.
means i stay in room whenever i do not go out with them,
and don't spend.

then the friend i get to know through projects and activities will think that I am rich,
because I seldom go out with them.
when i am absence, means I am in the room,
saving up.

then my parents will think that I am rich, because I whenever i go out,
they will foot the bill.
and when they are not in KL, i am always in my room.
counting money.

oh oh oh.
this is how a person "richness" is determined.
the number of outings.

and i wont argue.
because, what's the point?

If there is a need to compare, then below is the list.
- i just paid RM1300 for my rental deposit. anyone doing so?
- i have a pending of RM 1100 to pay for 3 months rental, which only last till August. any suggestion i can skip that?
- for parents' day and parents' birthday, i spend RM 800 averagely, every year. i am just showing off, isn't it?
- present and gifts for family members, whenever i go home, is a must. and RM200-300 is just enough. oh, i should save that up, many may say.
- apart from that, all miscellaneous and outings do cost. well, that is what others are spending too, so skip that.

so, i am just showing off, huh?
with the rental and all, to tell the world i am going to continue my study.
with the parents gift, to tell the world how filial i am.
with the family gift, to tell the whole world how caring i am towards my family.

well, i dont know what to say or how to express my feeling.
just 1 thing.
i am just an ordinary girl.
i will like to spend money on pampering myself once in a while, which includes outings and buying stuff for myself.
and i love good delicious food, which usually cost more. so, once in a while, i will go ahead and forget about the price tag. just for a satisfying indulgence.
and i prefer outing with some others, not always the same group, because different group different feel.
and for the absence, i cant help it because either it is at the odd time or it is when i am back in my cozy home.
i dont think twice when coming to spending on my family. why? they are the closest people i have in this world. i think my parents deserve all the pampering and gifts. they are the one that give me such a good life and great environment when i am growing up, and i think that it is a responsible and reasonable thing to do, by saving up in somewhere to afford a good gift for them. if you think i am showing off, please do go ahead. and i like buying gifts for my brother and sister. why? i simply love to see their smiling face and delightful expression when receiving those thing. not expensive gifts but their smile is precious for me. God know how much i miss them here, i those smile, are the only thing i can bring along with me in my mind here.
and as a human, i need essentials to live on. they cost too.

so hey,
lesser outing with you guys dont means i dont go for outing and i dont spend.
i do. and a lot.
not blaming others, but just that it do hurt to see those comments.
and there is no where and no better way i can express them.

when things come to money, they turn nasty.
another lesson learnt, just shut up.
give less comment.

and lead my own life.
like mum say, i cant satisfy everyone.

**and i do miss home greatly now! :((**

Tuesday, June 12, 2012



一整天都浮浮沉沉,还把整个早晨“睡”掉! @@


Sunday, June 10, 2012

spontaneous trip always feel good!




吾爱艳阳天~ :))

满满都是人。 (当然,不然鬼啊? )


酸辣菜。(adapted from


mine - 芒果秋香。(adapted from tongpakfu.facebook)

ah sam - 杨枝甘露配芒果雪糕。(adapted from tongpakfu.facebook)


p/s: a nice hangout after "disconnected" for so long. haha..... chat, heard, learnt, shared a lot. sometimes, perceptions, from different gender, makes the whole thing reasonable, and more acceptable. Chiew Fook Sam, let's jia you! :))
oh, and i got to have a look at that kind of video. *wink*

Friday, June 8, 2012

Study week - week for non-studying stuff.

""Waku Waku~~""
well, Yahoo answers - [["wakuwaku" means excited, thrilled, oh my god, what fun, something building up.]]
so, thrilled of what? excited about?

A New Restaurant in Midvalley!!
top floor.
center court.
replacing ex-Sushi King.
japanese-based fusion restaurant.

nice design. have the feel of dining in a japanese garden with all the wooden-theme and green "lantern".

simple menu. set meals, ala carte and dessert. let's hope they add in more sushi and udon selection.

random photo. :))

roommate's genmai green tea. hot. she is so health-conscious. and a determined one.

this design seems familiar, right? :P

there is one thing i can't stand about this restaurant. that is their over "warm" service! greet you when you enter, well, that is fine. after you are seated, the waiter serving you will introduce his name. that is kinda weird, but acceptable. at least you know who to call when you need stuffs. explain to you about your dish, and recommend how you should eat them. that is fine too. but, at one table, i saw the waiter knelt down beside a ;ady's table to do so! @@ another thing, they will keep come and "check" on your needs! with their over "wide" plastered smile. my god. and i wonder, if their business get better, with more crowds in, will these be maintained? hmm....

well, this is worth to be praised. serving you a copy of japanese magazine while you are waiting. :)

my japanese lam mee. the sauce was kinda bland. i assume this normal because it is typical for a japanese dish to be milder in taste. but with the add of a few drops of vinegar, everything is fixed. and i like the udon, replacing the real yellow mee in normal lam mee.

hi there! ^_^

roommate's japanese fried kueh tiao. this is superb! imagine korean hot stone rice, but now is fried kueh tiao. the addition of egg, oh my my. but for those who limit their salt intake, this may be slightly over your ideal intake. perhaps a little less salt will make this dish a perfecto~

after the mixing up. oh, superb!

toothpicks. hygienic design. can someone do some explanation on the 3 chinese words? 

overall, a nice lunch. do head over here if you are bored of the usual japanese dish, or when you need something new. reasonable price too. so, yea.. great hangout during the month-end.

after filling up, a huge Chatime ice-blended, now, it is time for a roomie facial treatment. Where at the end, we feel guilty over it. :PP

Saturday, May 5, 2012






all the words just can't describe my feeling. unexpected, sad, pity, sorrow........ all i can say is, be grateful with the present and cherish the people you are with now.

Saturday, April 21, 2012



Ss2 最佳母子奖非他们莫属!





Sunday, April 15, 2012

ramen with buddy

Ikuzo Ramen - a new ramen outlet at SS2.

very reasonable price, with the highest price at RM10.90. well, it is really a steal, since the ramen out there now cost more than this.

cheap ramen, does not always equal to 'cheap' taste. for me, all the ramen we sampled taste great. the broth of all ramen taste rich. (of course, when it come to taste, the issue is very subjective. :) ) and they do not skimmed on the ingredients used too.

my ramen choice - combination of seafood and vegetables

seafood ramen

tonkatsu ramen

black sesame broth ramen - indescribable taste. wont be in my list anyway. :P

and what is special here is, you get to choose your own ramen type.
4 choices - thin original, spicy thin, thick original, spicy thick.
i tried the spicy thick, and i wonder what their spicy means. get what i meant? ^_*
anyway, i like the thick ramen texture. similar like panmee, but made of different wheat.

this place also offered a number of finger food, such as gyoza, braised egg, kimuchi, nori......... their prices are of course, reasonable! range from RM1-RM3.50. where else can you find this? haha..

kimuchi & braised eggs. taste great. will be perfect if only the yolk of braised egg is runny.

we ordered gyoza too (too indulged in the ramen thus no photo :P). not much comment, because i am not really fond of that food all the while. but good comment from other diners.

overall, a great hangout place, with minimal damage. will definitely come back for more! :)

more info, you may visit Ikuzo Ramen FB page :

Another purpose of the day - Mei Lee Belated Birthday Celebration

Little Buddy, Happy Belated 21st Birthday~ May all your wish come true, and All the Best in everything. Stay sweet stay pretty stay happy. :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Quack Quack~

Located at SS2, the end of the shoplots where Chow Yang night market (better known as thursday SS2 night market) is.
Name of restaurant - Restaurant OK! hmm.... the tauke should be very optimistic. lol!
Name of stall - Fatty Duck.

Read about this place a lot, since i start browsing food blogs.
Pretty high compliments from various food bloggers.
Always want to try it out, but there are always obstacles.
Well, take the chance to pop up there for dinner, since the college cafeteria does not offer food for us.

Dinner served!

Don't they look appetizing? :DD

Mix of duck internal organs. Chewy stomach, smooth liver. Great sauce!

Braised duck egg! and silky smooth tofu!

Some sourish stewed vegetables to balance up the meal.
(and this taste much better than NamHeong's.)

porridge for me~
you can opted for rice too.

Glad that is tried this out. Descent meal!
Well, I didn't try the duck meat, because don't feel carnivorous today. Haha.. But I heard the meat is extremely tender. Maybe next time.
I like the sauce too. so well balanced!
A place that I will definitely return for more!! Who wanna join?

PipitZakka Store changed their appearance.
Slimed down black creature, eh?

Monday, April 2, 2012

SS2 Monday Night Market

How do you spend it? Blued your day? un-blued your day?
For folks around SS2, PJ, this is the day known as Pasar Malam Day.
A night market, considerably one of the largest in PJ, at the center of SS2 town.
1) for the hawkers to earn their bread (obviously!)
2) for people to stock up their weekly vegetables, fruits, fish, snacks........
3) for those after work to fill their rumbling tummy
4) for people with nothing in hand to fill in their time
5) for a cheap date? (LOL!)
Anyway, night market is always my favourite place to stroll around, even though have been in PJ for 3 years. simply because there are just too much to be seen, feel, smell, touch. All your senses are activated there! a great way to prevent Alzheimer. (ok, that is exaggerating.)
Holiday alone is the time where funky ideas come out. This explain my sudden urge to blog about this place. So, after the short pharmacology laboratory introduction, with my forever-travel-together-green backpack, i was there this evening!

Will be a photos-loaded post, so those who enjoyed words. maybe this is not for you. For photo-taking expert, you should leave now because a lot of energy will be used in criticizing my photos. :P

This is the night market.
Usual sight - people mountain people sea (人山人海). crowds start coming in around 6 something.

My Favourite
A must visit everytime I am there. Loyal customer for 3 years. They should award me. :P
The tofu-hua man.
Don't expect him to talk much. As far as i remember, the only sentence he has spoken to me is:" don't pass your money on top of the drink. it will drop into it." ~.~
Anyway, great smooth tofu-hua, with the just-right sweetness. Opt for the black sugar, healthier and tastier.

The Ai-yu aunty.
Although there are quite a few ai-yu stall there, my vote goes to this. Can't explain why. Should be the well-balanced taste. not too sweet, not too sour, not too much nor little aiyu jelly, and the lowest price. :P

one of the aunty's rival! LOL!

The Herbal Egg uncle.
His herbal eggs, are the best I have eaten so far. The egg is not too rubbery, and the shell can be peeled easily. some herbal eggs make you crazy just by peeling them.
Oh, he sells corn too. Han Chia's fav.

The fishball guy.
Mix and match as you like. but i always go for the white ones. Drizzle with tremendous amount of prawn paste and chilli sauce, the bouncy fishy fishballs are 'tasty oral exercise tools'. :PP

The Famous
the 'celebrity' stalls. almost everyone favourite. and selling hot all the time. no queue no buy.
The Chicken Chop Stall
You can find a few of these stalls in the same night market. Humongous chicken chop, spiced up with pepper and chilli powder. Local Taiwanese food. Favourite among the young.
Been innovating more Taiwanese finger foods over the years. Now they sold the huge hotdog, squid rings and popcorn chicken too!

The Stadium Popia
Don't ask how the name originates. Maybe he sell beside the stadium last time. Stuffed fat popia, balanced in taste and texture.
the only downside, he always sells 2 rolls per set, and will not sell one. I doubted why. hmm...

The Char Kueh Kak
All time favourite for my ex-roommate.
and this uncle's memorizing skill is mind-blowing. "hot, little hot, not hot, big, small, more eggs, no taugeh" he can remember all the different orders, without jotting down. and he do remember the customer sequence well.
And, his stall improved, from a motorbike to a lorry. Must be earning tonnes ya.. haha!

The tofuhua-tangyuan.
Tofuhua + soymilk + 4 sesame and peanut tangyuan. Personally, don't fancy this. but is a must-pack for many.
I like their mango sago ice more.

The Dessert Man
My senior told me this is the favourite among them. Never tried, because what he sold aren't my cup of tea. If you like thick dessert, then this is for you. Fast-selling. always sold out by 7++.

The Peneng Laksa
Among all laksa stall, this sell the most authentic peneng laksa. Like it a lot, but if they use less-chewy laifun, it will be perfect.
see the crowd? no stand no wait no eat!

The Vege popiah
Also a hit among the young. Especially the ladies.
Greenish popiah skin, stuffed with raw, thinly sliced cucumber, carrot, sengkuang; topped with lots of mayo, dab of chilli; and voila! Crunchy healthy popiah!

Another laksa stall, and this sell peneng prawn mee too. a crowd attraction too.
but the slightly heavy taste for the laksa doesn't suit my taste bud that well.

The Dried Meat+Meatfloss Bun
Highly rated among the guys. Maybe it is 'meaty' and suit the 'carnivorous boy' well.

The Newcomers
there are always new stalls popping up, some survived, some don't. This is life, isn't it?
Fried Durian
heard that it is a cube of durian paste, coated with batter, and fried over high heat.
Should be something like fried ice-cream.
Good comment form coursemate.

The Duck-Odd-Part stall
A very very new stall. sell duck head, duck neck, duck feet, duck liver.... from China.
Dare to try?
(the little girl look innocent. lol!)

The Mr Rey Potato Cheese Wedge
weird name. and I wonder if he use the KFC's recipe. haha!

The Head Massage
look kinda scary for me!

The Mole Remover
Don't like the mole beside your mouth, or on your cheek? Give this lady a visit. She will do the rest.

The Fresh
looking for fresh fruits and vegetables, but can't manage to wake early for the morning market? fear not! after work grocery is equally enjoyable too!
Vege stall

Fruit stalls
look how fresh the fruits are! and there are quite a number of imported fruits too. at very reasonable price. Jusco and Carrefour should learn from them.

Fish stall
Help yourself with your favourites!

The Frog
There should be a stall selling this, with several living frogs. think today the frogs are limited, yea?
anyway, this stall always freaked me out! >.<

The Dried Goods
Salted fish, anchovies, preserved vegetables............

The Beauty Stall
for those fashion-alert, night market is the place for the latest fashion. ranging from clothes, pants, hair accessories, jewelleries (imitated, of course!), phone accessories, belts, socks, undergarments... you name it, you get it!
Casual, formal, chic?
your choice!

Crocs vs flip-flop?

the undergarment. (*_*)blush~

towels, contact lens (!), belts.
choose to your heart desire.

the Changeable attire.
this stall always boast to sell multipurpose clothes. example, a scarf which you can use in many different ways.
and i remember they sold a kind of pants that cover your fat thigh last time. with free pants-taking-off-show. lol!

when your face need rejuvenation, this is your stall.

Fancy hair accessories, from bling to not-bling, large to small, long to short....
and that aunty in singlet, you should experience her marketing strategy. perfect saleswoman!

The miscellaneous
need extra pots and pans? extra scissors? nail-cutter? not enough bed for the guests? no worries! here is your 1-stop solution!
alarm clocks for the late-riser, umbrellas for the candle princesses.

pots and pans

the stall which you always heard:"one for 2, 3 for 5" in Cantonese.

not enough bed? no worries.

mahjong, anyone?
i bet this will be my relatives favourite!

we should consider the deceased, right?

The Story
everyone has their own stories, so are the stall.
the Curry Fishball
i remember the first time i visited the night market, i just can't get what is the stall radio trying to say. it sounds like" 炸,鲍鱼,菇" LOL!

The traditional sweet - 丁丁糖。
but why Thinker sugar? eat this then your brain will be good so that you can think well?

The Kuihs
This uncle is so hardworking. why? because he open his stall in the morning market too!

The oil-free bun
they boasted thier bun to be oil-free. but i wonder how they squeeze the oil out from the charsiew? hmm...

The Talam
the uncle who learnt fast. during my first year, he just sell like others. my second year, he start giving out samples. the end of second year, he changed his plastic bag, into one with his stall name on it.
this is called forever learning, right?

The Japanese Pizza
you know what? this aunty (white cap) is just too innnovative. i remember the 1st time i saw her, she was selling herbal pork ball. then she changed to pork 煎饺. then she changed again to sell another stuff i can't remember, until recently, she start selling this Japanese pizza.
Aunty, is business not going well, or you get bored over selling the same thing?

The Others
there are just too many stall in the night market. And repetition, is not a wonder.
The Lok Lok car
several in 1 market. slightly different items, and some different price

Mua Chee
going for the plain, or prefer the flavoured?

The Snack stall
pick the ones you like. usually rm2 for 1, rm5 for 3. great deal!

from cakes to kuihs to pau to bun.
your pick?

The Pity
No matter is a big scale or small scale night market, their sounds are there. Feel pity, but nothing can be done. If you really want, give them food, not money.
Eye sore!

The Must-Do
Packing for roommates, floormates, friends, GF, BF..........
Good things are meant to be shared! :)

Crowded, noisy, lively, varieties; these are the characteristics of a night market. The place i spend my time if I wanted to be surrounded, to get my tummy full in an econonic way, and to hang out with besties.

Cheers to those who enjoy it too~